Rooftop Yoga is Now Open

synchronise your inner beat to the pulse of Perth

Rooftop yoga is the collaboration of Northbridge Yoga and Rooftop Movies. Our aim is to provide yoga lovers with unique outdoor venues to get their flow on. There is always something magical about practicing outdoors, but on a inner city rooftop you can synchronise your inner beat to the pulse of Perth!

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    Yoga Workshop

    If you are a dedicated student looking to take your practice to the next level, then yoga workshops are a great way to start. Workshops will generally be slower, longer and more specific than a regular yoga class so you really have the opportunity to listen, practice and learn.

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    Rooftop Yoga

    Enjoy Perth's exclusive early morning rooftop yoga classes. There's no better way to start the day than to welcome the rising sun as you flow through a fun and energising sequence of vinyasa yoga on a Perth City rooftop. Get your body twisting and turning and your breath and blood flowing.

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    Private Yoga

    Private yoga classes are a great way to deepen your practice and get results. A yoga practice can be designed to assist you with weight loss or to ease your recovery from an injury or for meditation and relaxation purposes. Private lessons will be structured to meet your personal needs.

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    Northbridge Yoga

    Experience a fun, challenging and creative vinyasa flow class with Laura Carroll. Learn to express yourself through beautiful flowing movements and a practice that teaches humility, patience and control.

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    Free Flow Yoga

    In this class expect to lose yourself as you flow to live ambient beats, mixed by Kinshin from Designer DJs. Pack your bags for an inner journey into bliss with the aid of chilled electronic melodies & rhythms played with a dub accent. This class encourages you to have a laugh and let you go.

    Medium for The Masses

    Corporate Yoga

    The workplace through its demands can bring stress and imbalance to its workers. Yoga is designed to bring balance back to a body out of balance and is becoming a popular way to help employees manage their stress levels as well as gain patience, confidence and good health.